About Sandra Njio

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Sandra Njio
“We are so much more than the roles we play and the job titles that we identify with. Humans are creative beings, resourceful and always evolving.  I have more than 20 years of experience in ICT and accounting. I made a turn around in 2007 when my son got born and I quit my job at IBM to boldly go where I did not went before… the journey within connected me to the dolphins, Qigong, meditation, NLP, family-constellations and transactional analyses, many other modalities until it was time to let go off all the tricks and methods and theories and put them back in the box and get back to truth.

Now I know we don’t need interventions, tricks or hard work to change our behaviour or anything else outside of us, we can change right now (no NLP, no hypnosis, or analyse thoughts, past or familysystems,  or whatever practice), right here, you got it all. We don’t have to get anywhere, everything is already within you. Improving the you only implies that you upgrade your ego to ego 2.0. Because You don’t need improvement. You are just as perfect as you are. You is the one who invented your ego, invented your life. So you can reinvent your life.

If you want to know more, you can make an appointment, and we can Skype or FaceTime (sessions in English or Dutch).

I also build personalized (Joomla / WordPress) websites for small and medium businesses (SmallCompanyWebsites in the making) for a few years now. I love to advice small companies in their journey on the web and help them to get started.

And yes, these are only my ‘roles & jobtitles’ haha, I’m a dedicated mom for my 10 year old son and love to be there for him with home-made cookies and cakes, love books, love my friends & family, love SCI-FI, love myself and yes, I love you.

Hope to meet you soon!


Sandra Njio